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about me

02 biography

Begoña Lund

the artist

Was born in Bilbao, Spain. At the age of 11, she won the Children's painting competition of Madrid's community representing the Institute Veritas School.

She studied psychology at CEU Madrid University 1974, 1977. Her formation in painting and sculpture was in Alcala Academy and Atelliers of the town hall of Majadahonda, Madrid.

Begoña also studied under: Aidyusef Said, Marroco 1978-79, lbo Funji and Spee Goman (Yaunde) 1994-1996 and in Toulouse under Victor Manvert 1987-1990. She attended the Art Schools in Toulouse and Bayone in France.


03 exhibition

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Water, Earth, Woman.

Water represents the depth of knowledge, the fertility, it is a symbol of the uterus.

Fish represents abundance.

Woman as the drop represents the beginning, the fertih.ty, the abundance. She gives to the current world her way of understanding and solving.

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A drop is a visual expression of water. A drop in the ocean is an expression of the infinite, a drop sweat shows our need to work. A tear allows us to see pain as a part of the human condition, a fertile drop that springs from love and gives life

Rain water that irrigates, feeds us, cleans us creates reservoirs and quenches our thirst many drops created the ocean, whose depths are lit by light fish ,thanks to them it has been discovered, that the combination of nano marine particles in union with chlorophyll make trees shine. Will it be the light bulbs of the future? Forest and jungle plants of energy? If this were the case, the wealth of nations could change.

Fish also represents wisdom, the creation. Today, we know that they have emotional answers.Discoveries that allow us to advance in the knowledge of intelligence.

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The earth is our bed and garden. It is wise and harmonious in its plants and animals. Its harmony makes us accomplices of the future. Its wisdom teaches and advices us.

If the earth is sick we will become sick with it, we should take care of it so as not to perish. Man advance in technology, science...but poverty is there. The earth has resources for all but we don't know how to administer them. All mankind need each other, we learn in diversity. The women have the same, feelings, pain, and challenging needs in the different countries around the world. The cultures are a formal and diverse expression of a universal identity, that is, that of being a woman, at home, at work and community before all difficulties.

The mother shares the resources with equity~ or gives advantage to the weakest, if she doesn't have them she is audacious and creates them.

The woman gives to the current world her way of understanding and solving.

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04art work

  • Water: Life Drop

  • Camino Masai IV

  • Being Woman

  • Pez Barco

  • City

  • Desesperation

  • Sabios peces de luz

  • Tree of Life

  • Silence

  • Water Drop

  • Help

  • Love

  • Girl's Dreams

  • Where we go

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